Verbivore Editing is Anna van Oosten, an environmental professional with over 10 years’ experience working in all levels of government, private industry, and not-for-profits.

I’m an environmental topic expert

Sick of Word autocorrecting to recticulate when you really did mean reticulata? How often do you see such errors being published because the author was going cross-eyed from looking at their own work and their proofreaders weren’t familiar with Latin or scientific names?

I have a First Class Honours degree in Conservation Biology and over a decade of experience writing about natural sciences and the environment. I’ve worked on threatened species, wetlands, environmental impact assessments and waste management and recycling. 

I’ve managed taxonomic databases and understand the delicate nuances of scientific writing – I’m even well-versed in acronyms! (If you’re a waste professional in particular, you’ll know that’s a skill in itself!)

I write persuasive and tactful copy

After four years as a policy officer I’ve honed the art of writing to persuade, and framing even the most contentious of issues in a positive light. 

By carefully structuring and choosing the right words, you can effect behaviour change, grow your business, raise awareness or change people’s opinions. (It’s ok people, I used the right ‘effect’!)

Whether it’s writing copy from scratch or working my editing magic on your draft, I’ll make sure you achieve your aims and look good doing it. 

Did you write something while furiously angry and fed up with everything? I can turn that into writing that will persuade your audience to take the action you want and applaud you for being so professional and helpful

If English isn’t your first language, I’m the editor for you

I am a bilingual native speaker of English and Polish. I have also studied German and Italian and eagerly learn phrases whenever travelling. I’m fascinated by the way languages are constructed.

What this means for you, is that if English isn’t your first language, I can usually understand what you are trying to say and help you get your message across clearly. I will identify any errors you commonly make and help you learn and grow as a writer. 

Drodzy Polacy: Jeśli wolicie rozmawiać z kimś po polsku, odezwijcie się – z chęcią pomoge Państwu. Urodzona w Australii, mieszkałam w Bielska-Białej, więc mogę też szprechać po śląsku ; ) 

I’m a minimalist yogi foodie who doesn’t like labels…

Mostly, I’m eclectic. I love to learn, read and try new things, so I will gladly edit your copy, whether it’s a travel blog or a thesis on philosphy. A verbivore is a devourer of words, and that I am! 

What do I particularly love in life?

All things food – from garden to plate – and even learning to read menus in all languages. I know the difference between a macaroon and a macaron, and I can bake both!

Yoga keeps me centered and sane. Yin and slow flows are my favourite. I approach yoga the same way I do editing: paying attention to every little detail, making sure to achieve perfection in p(r)ose while keeping things flowing.

I’m a minimalist, always decluttering and simplifying in life and in words. By cutting the clutter, the important things stand out. Ditch the stuff that’s just there to make you look smart/rich/successful but actually detracts from your purpose. With my help, your message will be clear and your words will shine. 

Travel helps me grow by experiencing new cultures, landscapes, cuisines and languages. As an organisational freak, the planning is fun too. Travel gives everyone stories – I can help you tell yours.

More than anything, I love my dog, and I spend countless hours learning about dog behaviour and training, researching health and diet, and spending more money on dog products than I do on myself. If you want someone who understands dogs and their crazy owners to edit your e-book or website, drop me a line now.